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When you are looking into buying a golf cart, new or used, one of the first things to consider will be the type of motor. Electric or gas? While there are unique benefits to each option, you will want to examine several different situations. What will the golf cart be used for? How much are you wanting to spend, initially and for maintenance? These are just two of the different things to consider. Let’s compare the two types of golf carts and you can decide what is right for you.



If you are buying a new golf cart, electric and gas carts are priced similarly. However, when talking about the used golf cart market the prices are not comparable. Gas carts are going to cost more because they are harder to find on the used market. They have a lot more moving parts to maintain than electric carts, which makes it harder to find a used gas cart that is in good shape. Not to mention, gas is more expensive than electricity.

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As previously stated, electric carts have fewer moving parts to maintain. Electric golf carts will have you paying attention to keeping the battery in top shape and making sure it has the proper charge. Gas carts require much more work including oil changes, spark plugs, and oil filters. Both types of golf carts will call for keeping up with tires, brakes, suspension, and steering. This means that the less you can spend on other repairs, the better.

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This one is pretty obvious. Gas-powered golf carts are going to emit pollution into the atmosphere as a by-product of the combustion taking place in the engine. Electric golf carts don’t emit any pollutants into the air. Therefore, they have no negative effect on air quality. Those of you that are earth-conscious will be considering this when you are looking into golf carts.

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Noise Level

Gas golf carts can be extremely noisy. Whether you are using your electric golf cart to get around your neighborhood or play 18 holes of golf, this could be an important consideration. Electric golf carts are virtually silent. This is great if you’re trying not to disturb those that live near you or other players.

The Edge: Electric



Golf carts can have multiple uses in different situations. This can lead to a buyer desiring a cart that is versatile and can adapt to all kind of different tasks or requirements. Will you have to use your cart indoors at all? It will have to be electric in that case. Will you be traveling for longer distances or needing extra power to haul tools around a golf course? Traditionally, gas-powered carts would have the edge here but newer, more powerful batteries are changing this.

The Edge: Electric


Street Legality

While laws concerning Low-Speed Vehicles (LSV’s) and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV’s) will vary from state to state, it’s important to know some of the requirements. As you can see, electric vehicles are specifically mentioned in NEV’s acronym. It is more common to have a secondary vehicle for neighborhood travel that is electric. Often times, the motivation to get one of these vehicles is to cut car emissions. What better way to do that than an electric golf cart?

The Edge: Electric



There are plenty of things to consider when you are buying a golf cart. All situations and uses considered, it seems obvious what the answer will be moving forward. Electric golf carts are superior in almost every category that a person could think of in terms of golf carts. Whatever you decide, Icon EV is here to help you make the best choice.

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