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Congratulations ICON Golf Cart Giveaway Winners!

The ICONS DRIVE ICONS Zac Brown Band ICON Golf Cart Giveaway was definitely a highlight of 2023! Thousands participated by entering for their chance to win this ICONIC prize. After all, this has been our largest ICON golf cart giveaway to date!

Let’s face it, it’s not every day that one of the most esteemed country rock groups of this generation is ready and willing to collaborate on a giveaway. So we took the opportunity to create a real crowd pleaser. A show-stopper unlike any other giveaway we’ve ever done. And the response was WILD!

ICON Golf Cart GiveawayOur custom cart division, spearheaded by John Martinez, immediately went to work at our production facilities in Tampa.  If there had been a “coolness checklist,” Martinez made sure every line item was checked! Without his expertise, we wouldn’t have been able to make the kind of impression on the band, our entrants, or our winner that we did. After all was said and done, we knew the final product was worthy of a standing ovation!

Features like 14″ lifted tires, custom stitched embroidery on all seating, logo embellished seadek flooring, and ZBB custom rims and accessories were all adorned with logos of brands supported by Zac Brown himself. Who knew he had so many brands he is in the process of building?

Additionally, a top-of-the-line Eco Lithium Battery was installed for optimal performance and distance. Contest winners Jason and Sara Williams were delighted with this added feature.


The day Jason entered the contest, he was in his garage working on an old golf cart. He was in the market to buy a new one very soon, and had even checked out a local ICON dealer. The serendipitous part of the story is that he just happened to scroll on his social media and land on our page, and then proceeded to enter… And won!

“We can’t believe this,” exclaimed Sara. “This was one of the biggest surprises after finding out I was having two kids in 10 months! If you ever want to try to win something, or if this is something you’ve always wanted… enter the contest… I mean Jason does it… and HE WON!”

Jason and Sara Williams’ family lives in a beautiful neighborhood in Charleston, South Carolina, and are a valued piece of the fabric of their town.  Many of their friends and neighbors were ecstatic that Jason, Sara, and their three kids were to be awarded this once-in-a-lifetime prize. In fact, their friend (and landscaper) Blake even took the time to contact our marketing team at ICON to let us know how deserving this family is of winning the ICONS DRIVE ICONS Giveaway prize.


ICON Golf Cart GiveawayThe delivery day was filled with excitement and anticipation.  Our wonderful dealer, Joe’s Carts, assisted with the delivery to the Williams family’s home. Joe himself was on site as the driver for the big reveal, and was impressed with how amazing the limited edition cart looked in person!

Jason, Sara, and their three children were stoked to be the lucky winners! In fact, we could sense the excitement around the neighborhood.  Many friends and neighbors stopped over to admire the cart and share in the excitement. Although their oldest son sadly missed the reveal due to wrestling practice, his younger siblings couldn’t stop smiling! They all love their chic new golf cart, and can’t wait to be the coolest ride in the neighborhood!


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