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PURE EV Golf Carts



PURE EV Golf CartsIf creativity is thinking up new things, then innovation is DOING new things! Meet the next-level golf carts from the team of innovators at ICON, which will debut this May at authorized dealers nationwide!

PURE EV golf carts are the PURE-fect vehicle for every adventure imaginable! Aiming to design and develop another upscale brand at an unbeatable price point, PURE EV really hit the target. This new offering from the ICON family of brands provides an impressive line-up of features, including tons of upgrades that come standard. Just as importantly, it’s all wrapped up in a beautifully-designed & refined package.

Hot Body Alert…

Pure EV Golf Carts for SaleThe exterior lines of the PURE EV golf carts showcase a body design that is sporty and unique, while also appearing modern and distinguished. Although a delicate balance, PURE manages to walk that line as smoothly as James Bond takes down a criminal. Even the color pallet is dashing and debonair!

Six new modern colors include opal, seaglass, black diamond, sky blue, slate, and scarlet. But it’s not just the exterior beauty that puts PURE EV in a league of its own. A tremendous amount of thought and planning went into the design and engineering of each new model, down to every last detail.

PURE EV Level Up the Game!

PURE EV Golf CartsThe next-level design isn’t reserved only for the exterior body. The instrument cluster is fully built in to the carbon fiber-style dash, and conveniently doubles as a multimedia screen. The fully-integrated digital instrument cluster includes a waterproof 10.1″ digital display touchscreen, backup camera, Bluetooth, phone, radio, music, video, and USB playback, all of which relay to the top-of-the-line 28″ EcoXGear soundbar!

PURE EV Golf Carts

And the convenience factor? Off the charts! The smart dash design includes two locking glove compartments for extra security, dual USB and USB-C ports, and multiple cup holders.

The top of the dash is equipped with an industry-leading wireless charging pad for your cell phone, so staying charged is as simple as putting down the phone. Storage is plentiful as well, with a hidden built-in cooler/storage compartment beneath the rear seat.

PURE EV Golf Carts
PURE EV Golf Carts
PURE EV Golf Carts
Pure EV Golf Carts for Sale

No checkered flags required! The top-of-the-line, Italian-designed, racing-inspired, genuine MOMO brand steering wheel provides superior grip and a race car vibe to your everyday ride!

Additionally, the PURE logo on the hood illuminates, making every outing seem like you’re rolling up to the red carpet!

PURE even comes equipped with actual car key fobs for its push-button start, as well as flush mount seat belts and numerous other upscale design features. Consequently, PURE EV is gaining traction as the paragon of golf carts for enthusiasts nationwide!


Pure EV Golf Carts for Sale Each golf cart in the ICON family of brands features its industry-leading 4-wheel disc braking system. PURE EV is no exception, offering the superior stopping power that ICON owners rely on. But the brakes aren’t the only features that put safety at the forefront.

The brilliance of the LED lighting package provides a clear line of sight for those low-visibility days and nights. The LED front combination lights include high-beams, low-lights, Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), and turn signals. The dual-lit side mirrors keep on-coming and passing traffic aware of your next move, while keeping your surroundings in view.

The LED rear lights include tail lights, brake lights, back-up lights, and hazards. Back up safely with the automatic reverse buzzer, and sound off with the electric snail horn to communicate with surrounding vehicles.

Pure EV Golf Carts for Sale

PURE EV will debut at dealerships in May, so there is no better time than right now to become a dealer! Dealer territories are now open nationwide, so don’t delay. Contact your ICON representative for more details or to sign up.

Pure EV Golf Carts for Sale

Are you a dealer who has been waitlisted for ICON or Epic Carts due to territory overlap? If so, then here is the opportunity of a lifetime. Offer next-level golf carts for next-level lifestyles by offering PURE EV.

PURE EV Golf CartsAre you a customer interested in checking out PURE EV? Let us know HERE and we will gladly help! As soon as PURE EV hits the market, we’ll let you know where to find your closest dealer!


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