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There’s Always a Buzz About ICON

When ICON creates new products, we always create a buzz! It’s no surprise when Hollywood icons make the tabloids, and similarly, it’s no surprise when ICON appears on the cover of the industry magazines. With so much emphasis being placed on EV development, it has been awhile since improvements to gas-powered golf and commercial utility carts have been brought to the market.

ICON Gas golf carts are now available for dealers to secure territories.Our introduction of these gas carts, with newly-reimagined design and capability, was so impressive that the industry experts at Golf Car News Magazine featured the new product line on the cover of this month’s issue. Once again, the team at ICON has created quite the buzz!

ICON Gas Carts… Secure your dealer territory NOW!

You asked and we listened! Dealers interested in offering ICON gas golf carts should reach out to their reps to secure territories now! Or simply apply by CLICKING HERE.

Consumer requests specifically regarding gas-powered LSVs have been on the rise. More and more industries are using these vehicles to meet the demands of their respective tasks. As a result, dealers have identified a growing need for a larger variety of transportation. The team of innovators at ICON has been listening, and has responded with the best gas-run low speed vehicle design available.

If your dealership has ever lost sales to prospective buyers in need of a gas powered alternative, ICON invites you to expand your product offering and gain market share by offering our gas solution.

“There are some occasions that simply require the torque, power, and longer range that a gas-powered cart can provide,” said Sean Heatley, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at ICON. “The bottom line is that we are a transportation solutions company, and people have expressed a need for a gas-powered vehicle.  When consumers ask, we listen. Our goal is to support the growing demand to help our dealers expand market share. And so here we are,” added Heatley.


Power 2024 Sales Performance by Adding ICON Gas Golf Carts!

ICON gas golf carts provide the superior performance and reliability that has become the hallmark of the brand.

ICON Gas Golf Carts are now available to authorized dealers!

The motor design began with a robust, proven, and tried-and-true platform that has been an industry leader for many years.  This offers a reliable foundation that comes with parts accessibility and technician familiarity. Dealers and prospective buyers looking to buy ICON gas golf carts will feel confident with the added peace of mind.

Safety is always of the utmost importance for the ICON family of brands, which is why maintaining the exceptional 4-wheel disc braking system that consumers have come to expect of their ICONs was top priority.

The team couldn’t be more proud to bring the first ICON gas golf cart to the market that features our industry leading braking technology, along with in-demand safety features such as turn signals, horns, LED headlights, hazard lights, seatbelts, mirrors, and so much more that come standard on every ICON.

Don’t get left in the dust!

Rev up your sales with our new product offering. Dealers interested in adding this top-of-the-line gas powered option to their product offering should reach out to ICON immediately. Simply CLICK HERE to get started.

Dealers - ICON gas golf carts are now available for order. Secure your territory now!