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Golf carts are extremely versatile vehicles. Their use is not limited to moving people around a golf field. Well, they’re good for that, but there’s so much more to them.

Their small size, low maintenance costs, ease of use, and flexibility make them extremely useful in a variety of situations. Not only recreationally, but also for professional use in industries, public services, and other areas.

Take a look at some examples of the versatility of golf carts:

Running Errands

One of the best uses for golf carts is to go around the neighborhood or to run errands near your home. The golf cart shines in this type of scenario because it’s made to travel short distances, and has lower costs per mile than standard vehicles. (especially if you have an electric golf cart)


Instead of spending large sums of money on off-road vehicles, hunters are opting for golf carts to catch game.

Golf carts are quiet to drive, less likely to scare off prey, and their small size allows them to get through places where bigger vehicles don’t fit.

You can store all of your hunting equipment in the cart’s cargo, and some golf cart models feature a bigger cargo area to carry hunted animals.


Golf carts are excellent for moving around a farm. Sometimes, bigger vehicles like trucks or tractors are not necessary because all you have to do is check a certain area or move a few tools. In these situations, a smaller, more mobile, and cheaper vehicle is the way to go.

Some models act as mini-trucks and can be used to carry moderate amounts of crops

Another benefit, exclusive to electric golf carts (but not gas carts), is that they’re silent and free from emissions, which means that you won’t have to worry about bothering livestock.

College Campus

To move more quickly from point A to point B in a large campus, there’s no better vehicle transportation method than a golf cart. Bigger vehicles draw too much attention and are too powerful and big for errands in confined places within a campus.


More than ever, golf carts are being used by police forces. They may not be the best vehicles for a chase, but they have other advantages that make them the preferred vehicle in some cases.

One of their main advantages is that due to their compact size, they can be used to move around streets or squares where people pass by. They are also quieter and less intimidating than police cars, so they have a lesser impact on citizens passing nearby when on patrol.