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You’re finally ready to purchase an electric golf cart, but picking the right model is a tougher decision than what you expected.

The world values their functionality more than ever, and thus their demand in the market is increasing. This leads us to a large number of different options and features that make it very hard to choose the one that best fits your needs.

But with the right questions in mind, picking a cart that does exactly what you want it to do is not that difficult. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you pick a golf cart with the right features.

Style and looks

For hotels, resorts, and other recreation businesses, looks and design are an important factor in the representation of their brand and services. . Fancy, uniquely designed golf carts attract more customers, and thus that’s what these businesses should look for.

It all comes down to picking the style that best fits your personality or your business within the budget you’re willing to spend.

How many seats?

How many people will you carry around in your golf cart on a regular basis?

Standard models have either two or four seats, but there are options with six seats as well. Usually, carts with more seats are more expensive.

Something else to consider is that the more people you carry around, the less the battery will last, resulting in fewer miles traveled per charge. For example, electric golf carts with two seats can travel longer distances than those with four.

Do you need to move cargo?

What are you going to use your golf cart for? Will you use it to carry heavy or voluminous items?

Certain models support more weight than others. If you’re going to use it to move items within a warehouse or campus, a cart with a cargo container might be the best choice.


Picking the right electric golf cart isn’t that complicated when you know what to look for. By asking yourself a few critical questions, and weighing out which features are most important to your specific needs, you can determine which model is the right one for you.