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Golf is something we are passionate about at Icon EV. After all, we build and sell electric golf carts that are widely used both on the golf course and as a means of transportation in communities across the United States. While golf is a fun hobby for most, we often overlook the many health benefits of golf. These benefits, both anecdotal and scientifically proven, can improve your life and health.

We can all agree, the game of golf is challenging from both a physical and mental standpoint. Mentally, few athletic hobbies require as much focus. We put together a quick list of the health benefits of golf. Armed with this list you may even consider golfing more this season. Your health will thank you if you do.

Health Benefits of Golf

Reduced Stress

Imagine yourself on a pristine golf course, the sun still rising and a light dusting of dew reflecting light off the first fairway as you and a group of friends begin a four-hour journey through a new and exciting 18 hole course. If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face, we aren’t sure what will!

Golf is competitive. Golf is difficult. But at the end of the day, golf is downright relaxing! There really aren’t many other sports that offer such relaxation. Getting behind the wheel of a fully charged Icon EV electric golf cart and cruising around while enjoying nature just adds to this relaxation. If you have been feeling stressed lately, golf might just be the answer. In the modern world, golf gives us a rare chance to disconnect from technology and enjoy the presence of friends while competing for today’s bragging rights.

Heart Health

Physical activity is a major key to heart health. As we age our doctors regularly tell us to exercise more. Walk, run, swim, just make sure you get physical activity every day. Golf is full of physical activity, such as:

  • Carrying your bag
  • Walking (you often walk 4+ miles in one round of golf!)
  • Swinging your golf club

All of these activities increase your blood flow and heart rate. This means a healthy heart for you! The best part? Golf is a game you can play late into your life. Unlike football or basketball that is extremely taxing on your body, golf is a low-impact sport. Need an excuse to go golfing this weekend? Just say it is doctor’s orders.

Sleep Improvement

We don’t know about you, but after a long round of golf, we always sleep better. It is proven that physical exercise and fresh air improve your sleep. It is also proven just how important sleep is to your overall health. While you probably won’t be sleeping on the course, just know your golf rounds will help you sleep better once you return home.

Brain Stimulation

As we age it becomes increasingly important to keep our brain stimulated. Doing so can help prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s by up to 50%. Golf requires more mentally than just about any sport that exists. Often times the difference between good and great golfers is their ability to manage the mental aspect of golf. While there are plenty of other ways to stimulate your brain, such as reading or doing puzzles, none are quite as fun as a round of golf. Are we right?

Weight Loss

Did you know on average you burn 1,400+ calories in a single round of golf? A single round of golf also exceeds the recommended 10,000 steps per day. Put simply, golf is a great way to lose weight without having to go to a gym.

Low-Risk of Injury

Popular among all age groups, but especially people over the age of 40, golf is the perfect sport to keep you active while avoiding injuries. Played on soft grass, golf is a low-impact sport. Your only real risk of injury is a poor swing. While we can’t all be lucky enough to have a perfect swing, it is worth considering if your swing is causing your injuries.

We are passionate about golf at Icon EV and do our best to create electric golf carts that make your time on and off the course more enjoyable. Too busy to golf this weekend? Your health will thank you for making time. And we bet you will have a lot of fun too!