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Whether you own an electric or gas golf cart, it’s going to face some technical issues down the road. With frequent use, problems with the battery, tires, and other parts are extremely common.

When the time comes to dealing with some of these complications, you have the option to hire professional help. But if the problem you’re facing is simple to fix, and you’re willing to take the DIY approach, then you can save some money and time by following the simple repair tips below.


To reduce the risk of battery malfunctions, do general maintenance on a regular basis by making sure your batteries are properly watered and free of corrosion.

The most obvious sign of an issue with the batteries is when your golf cart doesn’t start. The first thing to do in this case is to fully charge your battery. If after doing this, your cart still doesn’t start, then your battery is probably dead.

Before changing the battery, take a look at the terminal cables to see if they’re the root cause of the problem by cleaning them and making sure they look alright. If that doesn’t solve it, then proceed to install a new battery by disengaging the terminal cables and placing a fresh one in its place.

Tire pressure

Do your tires look saggy? Or overinflated?

Your tires should be fully inflated at the right pressure. Otherwise, you’ll have tires that either suffer from low traction or low efficiency.

To find the right pressure, check the air pressure rating in each tire’s rim. Then, with an air pump, inflate each tire to the appropriate pressure.

Flat tire

If a flat tire refuses to inflate due to a leak, replace it. Begin by raising your car with car jack. Then, unscrew the lug nuts, and remove the tire and wheel rim. Then, replace the old tire with a new one.

Bad Solenoid

A solenoid is a cylindrical coil of wire responsible for carrying electric current to the motor. It’s not uncommon for this part to stop working because it has to work constantly when you use your golf cart.

Have you heard a clicking sound when accelerating your car? That’s the solenoid.

When the solenoid isn’t working properly, you might stop hearing the clicking sound, and your cart might have intermittent issues starting. If your battery is working well and your car is having trouble starting, it might be time for a solenoid replacement.

Properly maintaining your golf cart will help to ensure it’s in prime condition for years to come.