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ICON Year in Review… An ICONIC 2023

Our ICON EV team would like to thank our loyal customers, valued dealers, and stellar employees for a spectacular 2023! We’ve had our wheels turning (literally) at a rapid pace, and wrapped up last year with a bow on top! Not only did we launch new products, partnerships, and fabulous giveaways, but there was so much more! We are also proudly becoming the official golf cart of the marine industry. Here is a little glimpse into some highlights of our ICON Year in Review!


ICON Year in ReviewThe crowning moment of our year was being awarded with two of Golf Cart Resource’s Annual Awards.  ICON took home the trophy for both Overall Best Golf Cart Brand 2023 & Best Street Legal / LSV brand 2023! Notably, the award recognized our dedication to making our product line the best in safety, value, and customer satisfaction.


Our team is always looking toward the future, and finding innovative solutions for all of your transportation troubles. 2023 brought a plethora of new products in our family of brands, including lithium power, economy offerings, commercial utility solutions, custom creations, and even E-Bikes.


ICON launched Lithium ... another important part of our ICON Year in Review storyThis year, we really upped the power game, bringing an entirely reimagined lithium battery to the market. We focus heavily on the safety and confidence of our customers. Therefore, we wanted to offer lithium that optimizes vehicle performance, power, and range, while keeping premium features such as our superior 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. Our lithium power solution, collaboratively engineered with Eco Battery, was designed with safety in mind.

“The goal behind this new battery was to engineer, design, and build a better, smarter battery with advanced communication capability with the other cart components,” said Sean Heatley, Chief Operating Officer of ICON EV.

The battery warranty on our proprietary ICON/Eco Lithium Battery is a total of 8 years! Limited warranty includes 3 years full replacement value, and 5 years prorated. Significantly, this offers long-term peace of mind to our dealers and consumers!


ICON ECO launched in 2023 - another important story for our ICON Year in Review Our team of innovators is always keeping their ears open to “whispers” being heard from consumers to dealers nationwide. So, ICON zeroed-in on the wish for an economic solution for the budget-conscious customer. Consumers desire an affordable golf cart that offers the superior safety, looks, and peace of mind that comes with a brand-new purchase. Dealers desire to offer a cart that side-steps the headaches and liability that accompanies refurbishing previously-owned golf carts. The perfect solution entered the market this year…  ECO by ICON EV.


ICON Year in Review - Commercial Division Launch!The ICON HD utility series launched this past year with tremendous success. This new line of maintenance vehicles are as durable and rugged as they are versatile. Additionally, they are perfect for fleet, utility, campus, municipal, and commercial use. Key features include our 70V/105Ah Eco lithium battery power, sturdy aluminum body, and towing features that can take on any task.


ICON Year in Review - this is an ICON Custom Golf Cart built in 2023ICON’s team of innovators has been eager to share another new product offering that has been in the pipeline.  Introducing… the ICON Custom series! This is where we get to tell you to dream big, tell us your vision, and let us help you make it happen!  Not only do our customers love choosing their perfect upgrades and accessories, but one-of-a-kind personalization kicks up the coolness factor! The sky’s the limit with custom design.


ICON EV has been making appearances and turning heads all year! From exotic Supercar extravaganzas, to world renowned boat shows and country music concerts, ICON has broadened our footprint throughout numerous lifestyle genres.

This photo is from Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show 2023... another important part of our ICON Year in ReviewWe have expanded our golf cart shuttle services at a number of boat shows in the Sunshine State, and have therefore been immersed in the world of maritime travel and nautical living. Not only has the team at ICON gained their fins in the boating industry, but we have slipped out of our fish scales and donned some cowboy boots and ten-gallon hats! ICON’s debut into country music was an iconic collaboration with Zac Brown Band and had us wanting to get our toes in the water and rear wheels in the sand!


ICON Year in Review - this is from the ZBB ICON Golf Cart Giveaway that happened November 2023!Always wanting to keep our ICON family on those toes, we launched exciting giveaways that made 2023 a year to remember. From E-Bikes and custom carts to ICONIC collaborations, our giveaways are events that you don’t want to miss. Follow us on our social media pages to stay in the know!


As we call “That’s a wrap!” on 2023, we reflect on the deep roots we are growing across the globe, and the accomplishments and awards that bring us tremendous pride. Not only are we proud of our “Best Of” titles, but these awards inspired our continued commitment and dedication to making our ICON EV family even better in 2024! Thank you for taking the time to join us in our ICON Year in Review!